Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coffee Information: Coffee Can Prove Healthy To the Body

Coffee is processed from coffee beans that grow on coffee trees. According to coffee information, coffee is by far the most traded agricultural produce in the world. Coffee is recommended due to its stimulating effects, made possible by the content of caffeine. Coffee berries go through several processes before they are transformed to roasted coffee.

Berries have over the years been selectively picked using the hand. This involves the selective process of picking berries that are close to mature. Alternatively, the crops can be strip picked; this is where the berries are harvested regardless of their degree of ripeness using a machine. After picking, the green coffee berries are processed by the dry process technique or the wet process technique.

The next step is the roasting. Coffee is often sold in roasted state, except in rare occasions. Coffee is roasted before consumption. It can be roasted at the factory or roasted at the comfort of the house. The process of roasting influences the taste by chemically and physically altering it. The beans decrease in their weight as the moisture is lost while increasing in volume; this caused the coffee beans to become less dense.

Caffeine has been associated with many health problems including cancer and high blood pressure. As a result, many people choose to avoid caffeinated beverages. However, according to coffee articles, coffee can prove healthy to the body. Some of the researches performed recently have found that regular drinking of coffee reduces chances of type 2 diabetes. Scientists are however quick to caution against an increased consumption of caffeine because they are not sure why the intake of caffeine affects diabetes.

According to the articles, coffee offers health benefits to the heart. One study discovered that women who consume 2 to 3 cups daily have a 25% lower chance of contracting heart disease. In addition, persons who are heavy drinkers and smokers experience fewer chances of liver damage and heart disease compared to people who do not consume coffee. These health benefits could be linked to the supply of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in coffee.

The consumption of coffee can also help with treatment of headaches because caffeine is a pain-killer or mild analgesic. Furthermore, caffeine can cause the constriction of blood vessels; this can help with the treatment of headaches caused by dilation of the blood vessels. Caffeine consumption can also help with the improvement of mood and irritability. Studies show that the taking of caffeine has a tendency of increasing the happiness, well being, alertness, sociability and energy in moderation. This explains why women who consume coffee are less likely to engage in possible attempts of committing suicide. However, caution must be taken, considering that the excess consumption of caffeine could increase anxiety, jitteriness, stomach upsets and nervousness.